• Balance and straightness for all disciplines
  • Classical dressage
  • Using bio-mechanics to improve your performance
  • Structured exercises
  • Progressive learning
  • Rider fitness and position 
  • Creating healthy, strong equine athletes and calm, balanced riders.

My Program

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BLOG: Stiff vs. Hollow
BLOG: The Stiff Side


BLOG: The Hollow Side

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"Fabulous lesson today with Carole Curley. Just the right push and just the right walk breaks!" (Melissa)

 "This is what makes you an excellent teacher. You push when you need to and give solutions for issues that build confidence". (Kelli)

"There is no BS with you. You have the ability to zero in on the weakness, criticize without judgement and provide a very logical solution but still allow mistakes until the student understands how to execute. That builds self-esteem and forward progress. You are also the only trainer so far who is willing to allow 100 questions to help the student understand what is being asked and that for me is everything in dressage. Love you❤️" (Kris)

"Carole Curley rocks !!!!! And she is also a wonderful dressage judge !!!!" (Coeli)

I help mature riders fulfill their dreams with style and panache, while ensuring their safety and developing their horses mentally and physically.  Make all your dreams a reality! 

Welcome to Effective Equestrian.  My program starts with the correct basics and builds on your skill and your horse's ability step by step.

Learn to:

  • Communicate with your horse in the language he understands!
  • Ride beautiful lateral movements and score well at shows!
  • Develop the horse that you love into the perfect partner on the ground and in the saddle!
  • Develop a musical freestyle - even at training level!
  • Increase your eventing dressage scores so you can win!

Located in New Jersey.   Clinics everywhere.

Carole Curley

Jane Savoie Certified Dressage Instructor